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Cast & Grey Botanical

Object Lover Planters & Plant Stand Collection

Object Lover Planters & Plant Stand Collection

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A vivid 3D-printed bit of joy to add to your home. The planters are 7.5 inches across and make a colorful addition to your space. It sits nicely on a shelf or table.

The 2 different color combos give you options for matching an existing space, whether you're looking for one small accent or a room full of maximalist bold style!

The planters are durable and still very lightweight (less than 10 ounces!), which means these planters make transporting your bigger plants easier too.

Planters: 8.25” W x 7.25” H.

The Pink Wavy Plant Stand just got a major upgrade! Stronger, sturdier, and curvier than ever, this stand has been tested for over 60 pounds of weight.

Plant Stand: 8” W x 8” H.

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