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Cast & Grey Botanical

The Forager's Harvest

The Forager's Harvest

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by Samuel Thayer

This classic book on edible wild plants is a favorite of naturalists and survival instructors throughout North America. It has been a perennial top seller on this subject. Rather than cover hundreds of plants in abbreviated accounts like the typical field guide, the author has chosen a smaller selection of species to discuss in exhaustive detail, including only those plants he has eaten fifty times or more. Over 200,000 copies sold!

​Plants included in this books are: Basswood, Black Locust, Burdock, Butternut, Cattail, Choke Cherry, Ground Bean, Evening Primrose, Highbush Cranberry, Hopniss, Lamb's Quarter, Marsh Marigold, Milkweed, Nanny Berry, Ostrich Fern, Parsnip, Pin Cherry,

Service Berry, Sheep Sorrel, Siberian Elm, Smilax, Spring Beauty, Stinging Nettle, Sumac, Swamp Saxifrage, Thistle, Virginia Waterleaf, Wapato, Wild Grape, Wild Leek, Wild Rice, and Wood Nettle.

368 pages, 218 photos, full color

Dimensions: 6” x 9” x 0.7”


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